Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Woah... where'd we go? Sorry for the delayed postings. Other projects have taken far too much time. In any case, the following bugs were fixed over the course of the past few days and in time for today's branch nightly:
  • Bug 254313 - context menu click on a bookmark doesn't have an option to copy a url to the clipboard
  • Bug 298458 - overloading context menu is not working (document.oncontextmenu=newMenu)
  • Bug 299799 - Add "copy URL to clipboard" contextual menu item to History
  • Bug 308714 - Preferences window is badly placed with new copy of Camino but old user
  • Bug 312969 - Remove Netscape.com from default bookmarks
  • Bug 319257 - URLs from external apps don't bring window to front
  • Bug 319488 - [partially] Page Info needs beautification
  • Bug 319491 - Reset Camino does not clear top 10 list in bookmarks
  • Bug 319559 - Dragging and dropping a bookmark folder onto content opens new tabs
  • Bug 319921 - Remove "Create New Folder..." option from context menu for items in bookmark bar
In addition the following checkin was made which do not have bug numbers:
  • Make sure that we redraw the tab bar background when dropping on it after a drag.


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