Friday, December 02, 2005


The following bugs were fixed in time for today's branch nightly:
  • Bug 308627 - Camino should not set the default FTP client.
  • Bug 309008 - Menu spacer imported with url of " and is editable
  • Bug 312244 - +[NSURL urlFromWebloc:] uses an FSSpec when it doesn't need to.
  • Bug 315697 - Program lock out if a download completes while "are you sure you want to quit" sheet is up, and pref set to close download window
  • Bug 316965 - When importing Bookmarks from Firefox the Apostrophe Character (') shown in HTML code only, so i have to change it in every Bookmark description or site titles.
  • Bug 317232 - Enable SVG in Camino
  • Bug 317439 - Should be able to remove a download from the download list with delete key
  • Bug 318638 - Fix action button alignment and size
In addition the following checkins were made which do not have bug numbers:
  • Fix typo in
  • Fix memory leak


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