Monday, November 14, 2005


The following bugs were fixed in time for today's branch nightly:
  • Bug 295774 - "Clear" vs. "Empty" wording is inconsistent (cache/history in prefs vs menus)
  • Bug 315810 - Shift modifier used with command-return in location bar or search field fails to open result in foreground
  • Bug 315886 - "Clear Visited Pages" in Prefs need to use the "Clear History..." (Go menu) warning
  • Bug 313776 - Certificate Authorities import dialog doesn't understand PKCS#7 file extension.
  • Bug 313884 - "Address Book" bookmark group doesn't stay in synch with Mac OS X Address Book (partial)
  • Bug 314557 - "Remove All" button in Privacy: Edit Exceptions sheet has no warning (cookies UI)
In addition, the following checkin was made which does not have a bug number:
  • Do a size check on the saved bookmarks file to avoid overwriting a good file with a zero-byte one. Also add lots of logging on error, to try to catch the losing bookmarks bug.


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