Sunday, November 06, 2005


The following bugs were fixed in time for today's branch nightly:
  • Bug 294732 - Inconsistency of field name for bookmark in main BM window and Bookmark's Info panel
  • Bug 314803 - [partial fix] - Downloading doesn't check permissions first - (The checkin for this bug fixes one of two conditions when downloading into a directory which is read-only.)
Also, the following changes were made which do not have bugs:
  • Make sure the Info tab is selected in the bookmarks info panel.
  • Add NSString category for methods that get a couple of useful path-related strings (volume name, and file/folder display name). Also fix memory leak in [NSView removeAllSubviews].
Note that bug 315265 was fixed just after the nightly was started meaning that today's branch nightlies will show a user agent of 1.0+ instead of 1.0a1+. This will be fixed in tomorrow's nightly.


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