Thursday, October 20, 2005

2005-10-19 & 2005-10-20

The following fixes were made in time for today's branch nightly:
  • Bug 306245 - [Camino part of fix] - Page loading in background tab steals keyboard focus from textarea in foreground tab
  • Bug 312923 - "Identifying" misspelled as "identifing" at several places
  • Bug 312959 - Hovering over newly-added BM Bar bookmark causes Camino to hang.
  • Bug 313015 - With find dialog focussed, cmd-w closes tab instead of dialog when multiple tabs open
  • Bug 313025 - When Camino is hidden with multiple tabs, attempting to quit it should unhide it with confirm-close-on-quit dialog
Also the following Camino-only changes were checked in with no bug numbers:
  • Change the Camino pref pane identifiers to contain "org.mozilla.camino" rather than "org.mozilla.chimera", and fix the text encoding of many of the pref panel Localized.strings files.
  • Tweak the bookmark toolbar button tooltip format.


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