Wednesday, October 12, 2005


The following bugs were fixed in time for today's nightly:
  • Bug 299807 - Yellow triangle for Error Page favicon no longer shown
  • Bug 311106 - History creates extra folders it doesn't need
  • Bug 311793 - [Additional Fix]- getIntPref:withSuccess: always sets success to NO
  • Bug 311941 - [Camino Equivalent] - Tweak mousewheel sysnumlines values to be correct
In addition, the following Camino-only changes were made, which do not have bug numbers:
  • Add CHISupportsOwner.* to the project.
  • Rename the -[PreferenceManager homePage:] method to -[PreferenceManager homePageUsingStartPage:].
  • Add the ability to map Gecko pref changed callbacks into NSNotifications, via the PreferenceManager.
  • Add NSString category methods to init an NSString using various Gecko strings, for use when we don't want to have to create an autoreleased item, and use it for history items (to reduce autorelease load).


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