Thursday, October 06, 2005


La la la... we're back.

For the record, and before you ask, this blog will only show the branch checkins for what will become Camino 1.0.

The following bugs were fixed and should be in today's nightly:
  • Bug 293768 - Show All Bookmarks should remember that last state of the bookmark tree, and selected container
  • Bug 297343 - Camino hangs and redraws when selecting while hidden
  • Bug 297860 - Bookmark bar not retaining imported & copied entries from Bookmarks pane
  • Bug 307743 - Bookmark export discards keywords (shortcut URLs)
  • Bug 311049 - Cannot put focus into text field in popup window
In addition, general bookmark code cleanup and fixes fixed the following:
  • Fixed HTML export by ensuring that the root folder has the appropriate special flag set.
  • Fixed "Redo" when moving a bookmark within a folder.
  • Fixed the first Undo after showing bookmarks (which used to throw an exception) by avoiding using the bookmarks undo manager for URL bar text operations.
  • Fixed drag and drop in the bookmarks to show the correct feedback when copying, and allow copying into the containers table again.
  • Fixed Undo in the url bar to not create undo items for no-op changes.
  • Fixed the context menu for empty rows in the bookmarks to enable the "New Folder" item.
  • Also cleaning up bookmarks reading and import code to deal better with corrupted bookmarks files, ensuring that we always end up with toolbar and menu containers.
  • Fixed setting up the toolbar folder from a bookmarks.xml conversion.
  • Allow us to read a Safari Bookmarks.plist file as the bookmarks file (rather than an import) in case a user copies it over.
  • Break assumptions about the container ordering, so that if container folders get moved around in the bookmarks file, we'll still find them OK.


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