Monday, August 08, 2005


The following bugs were fixed over the weekend and should be in today's nightly.

  • Bug 192223 - Cancel download button should not be click through (changes other download manager buttons as well)
  • Bug 279994 - Every bookmark registers for URL load notifications
  • Bug 236373 - Camino takes ages to load a 3.1mb bookmarks.plist file. (and other bookmark enhancements)
  • Bug 296596 - Make delay when clicking and holding back/foward buttons in the toolbar shorter
  • Bug 162395 - Implement option to disable or only loop for n amount of times gif/png animations
  • Bug 288390 - Window tiling partially covers title bar
  • Bug 215991 - editable contents of js prompt sheet may line wrap with no visual indication given
  • Bug 157051 - Implement Use Selection for Find
  • Bug 202014 - OS X: add header/footer configuration for printing
  • Bug 302962 - When creating a new tab in Camino, gecko steals focus from the url bar (early activate/deactivate fails)
  • Bug 301152 - Scrollbar gets messed up when scrolling while loading a page
In addition, a check-in was made to ensure that print settings were saved after printing (otherwise they don't get saved at all).

Also, the following are major core bugs that are causing issues for Camino users (and others) and have not been fixed:

  • Bug 303765 - Repeatable crash while manually refreshing Gmail during automatic refresh (XPCWrappedNative stuff)
  • Bug 302885 - Can't type into rich text editor, designMode not working anymore (breaks Blogger)

(This was updated to add bug 202014 as well as note that the core bugs have not been fixed. And again to add bug 302962 (aka: The Focus Bug).


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