Monday, August 08, 2005


The following bugs were fixed over the weekend and should be in today's nightly.

  • Bug 192223 - Cancel download button should not be click through (changes other download manager buttons as well)
  • Bug 279994 - Every bookmark registers for URL load notifications
  • Bug 236373 - Camino takes ages to load a 3.1mb bookmarks.plist file. (and other bookmark enhancements)
  • Bug 296596 - Make delay when clicking and holding back/foward buttons in the toolbar shorter
  • Bug 162395 - Implement option to disable or only loop for n amount of times gif/png animations
  • Bug 288390 - Window tiling partially covers title bar
  • Bug 215991 - editable contents of js prompt sheet may line wrap with no visual indication given
  • Bug 157051 - Implement Use Selection for Find
  • Bug 202014 - OS X: add header/footer configuration for printing
  • Bug 302962 - When creating a new tab in Camino, gecko steals focus from the url bar (early activate/deactivate fails)
  • Bug 301152 - Scrollbar gets messed up when scrolling while loading a page
In addition, a check-in was made to ensure that print settings were saved after printing (otherwise they don't get saved at all).

Also, the following are major core bugs that are causing issues for Camino users (and others) and have not been fixed:

  • Bug 303765 - Repeatable crash while manually refreshing Gmail during automatic refresh (XPCWrappedNative stuff)
  • Bug 302885 - Can't type into rich text editor, designMode not working anymore (breaks Blogger)

(This was updated to add bug 202014 as well as note that the core bugs have not been fixed. And again to add bug 302962 (aka: The Focus Bug).

Thursday, August 04, 2005


There was no nightly for August 3, 2005 due to a problem with the build machine. However, there should be a nightly today. In it, the following bug was fixed:
  • 301774 - Avoid flushing gfx buffers more frequently than refresh rate (with Cocoa widgets)

This was a core bug that should fix all typing in text widget issues.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


  • Bug 160008 - Location entry sheet dialog should support autocomplete and bookmark keywords
  • Bug 187483 - pause/resume download
  • Bug 284829 - Use small bookmark manager icon in url bar and tab title when in bm manager.
  • Reopened and Refixed: Bug 286438 - "Remove All" (cookies or site exceptions) should only remove visible content
  • Bug 302744 - Symlink to source dir instead of actual JEP files in (MOZ_OBJDIR build)
  • Bug 303042 - Bookmark ends up at top of Bookmarks menu unless clicking dropdown

Note: Bug 187483 was closed only with pause/resume download. Another bug, bug 303158, was opened to focus on the original scope of bug 187483.

All changes above should be in the nightly for August 3, 2005.

Monday, August 01, 2005


In the last two days, a plethora of bugs have been fixed. Most Java bugs were fixed due to the checkin of JEP.

  • Bug 163468 - Java applets don't get key events
  • Bug 168549 - Menu commands become disabled after dismissing Java Plugin security dialog
  • Bug 172089 - Java popup menus are displayed at the wrong offset
  • Bug 172688 - Java applet draws itself over toolbar on initial page load
  • Bug 179900 - [l10n] Put the default bookmark file into a localisable directory
  • Bug 183570 - add Camino Help menu item
  • Bug 185979 - Java: _NSAutoreleaseNoPool() - just leaking
  • Bug 195169 - Bookmark a tab group does not save all #s
  • Bug 196235 - With Camino already opened, launching a second Camino app numerous times will display multiple 'Can't Launch Camino' alert dialogs
  • Bug 207845 - Google search field refuses text dragged and dropped onto it
  • Bug 218116 - Page with Java applet and javascript scroller does not display properly in Camino
  • Bug 224525 - artifacts in the top of the Bookmarks manager when adding/removing lots of bookmarks to bookmark toolbar
  • Bug 224926 - Java applet not started after loading. Username and password not processed
  • Bug 226100 - JSlider reacts to clicks outside its area
  • Bug 229157 - Java applets don't get mouse move events
  • Bug 229957 - Add a Toolbar button to activate the History Manager (if not already open)
  • Bug 231039 - Bookmarks divider (splitter) does not remember state
  • Bug 243840 - Deleting a bookmark in a folder causes bookmark manager column to resize
  • Bug 244322 - Java applet doesn't work properly
  • Bug 264146 - Form buttons not highlighted with full keyboard access (no focus ring)
  • Bug 280981 - Filtered cookie exceptions list becomes unfiltered if an Allow/Deny value is changed.
  • Bug 281292 - Java - windows held open at end of session, requiring forced quit.
  • Bug 284829 - Use small bookmark manager icon in url bar and tab title when in bm manager.
  • Bug 285097 - History page incorrectly labeled as "Bookmarks"
  • Bug 285528 - Add Bookmark sheet confirmation button uses "OK" rather than "Add"
  • Bug 286438 - "Remove All" (cookies or site exceptions) should only remove visible content
  • Bug 286441 - Cookies and Exceptions List sheets remember search state, but not search
  • Bug 289769 - Bookmarks vanished
  • Bug 293768 - Show All Bookmarks should remember that last state of the bookmark tree
  • Bug 294731 - [l10n] Bookmarks Manager page/tab title not localizable
  • Bug 295731 - Favicon of previous site remains in tab when opening bookmark manager (conditional)
  • Bug 301970 - for a given window fails the second time.
  • Bug 302732 - Default site icons (favicon) not displayed on back/forward

All in all, it was a busy weekend for the devs, fixing over 30 bugs. These changes should be in today's nightly which is normally available around 12pm-1pm PDT.

Coming soon: Pause/Resume downloads.