Sunday, May 07, 2006

Camino 1.1 Checkin Catchup

Over the past three months, there has been development toward Camino 1.1 on the MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH. Since April 22, downloading a nightly from yields a build from this branch. This blog has fallen a bit behind listing updates on that branch... until today.

The following is a list of checkins that have been made over the course of the last three months. These checkins were also made on the trunk, but focus of this blog will be what will become Camino 1.1. (Note: Items in bold are major new features.)
  • Bug 187650 - option-return in URL bar should download the link
  • Bug 188604 - Open viewsource in a tab or window should reflect users prefs
  • Bug 200040 - The "Send Link" menu item should send URLs in "<>"s
  • Bug 244099 - Make Google/Search bar resizeable
  • Bug 302865 - In cookies exceptions list, should also have option for session cookies only, not just allow/deny
  • Bug 310989 - Use user-set autocomplete keybinding in location bar
  • Bug 312501 - Use a custom alert_exclamation icon in error page
  • Bug 314306 - Can't quit MODI / something's eating Esc in the content area
  • Bug 315928 - "Copy Address" on mailto: link with multiple email addresses on captures one address
  • Bug 320203 - Respect the Gecko pref for browser.backspace_action
  • Bug 322044 - When Camino is hidden, invoking via Service does not respect external app pref
  • Bug 323780 - Portable Camino - allow the profile root directory to be specified in the environment
  • Bug 323842 - Add "Allow for session" option in cookie acceptance sheet
  • Bug 325939 - Cmd-click in bookmarks toolbar does not respect standard shift toggle
  • Bug 327470 - "Search Web for..." in context menu
  • Bug 327795 - Remove obsolete filePreferences.icns from cvs and the project file
  • Bug 328041 - File: Open filter prevents selection of local SVG files
  • Bug 328522 - Cannot access secure sites with 1_8 branch builds
  • Bug 328555 - Double-clicking on tab group in Manager doesn't open the bookmarks
  • Bug 328625 - Fix missing casts and remove some dead code from bookmarks code
  • Bug 329673 - Search fields in the UI don't follow standard OS text selection behaviour
  • Bug 329860 - small_close.tif no longer used and should be removed
  • Bug 329967 - [adblocking] Ads back on MySpace
  • Bug 330421 - Allow arbitrary replacement of embed.jar members
  • Bug 330801 - [adblocking] ads made by javascript not blocked on
  • Bug 331064 - Can't remove (or even shrink) search bar
  • Bug 331311 - "pop-up" misspelled in new pop-up bar
  • Bug 331854 - PreferencePanes disappeared
  • Bug 333974 - Links from other applications open in new window, if window was hidden
  • Bug 334576 - xpt_link .xpt files into camino.xpt after building
  • Bug 335295 - Implement work-around for endianness issue in old Keychain APIs
  • [no bug] - Remove popup blocking ui from the status bar, display it inline in the browser wrapper.
  • [no bug] - make blocked popup view color less objectionable, add close button, fix leaking of view.
  • [no bug] - always bring dl window to the front when a dl starts (user_pref to disable)


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Hooray! Nice work!

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